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Academy Awards 

Kaiser Medal 

The Kaiser Medal is the highest honor bestowed by the Academy. It is awarded to one physician who exemplifies outstanding professional and personal qualities and lifetime service in areas of medicine, public health and/or community welfare. Named for its first recipient, the Kaiser Medal represents lifetime achievement and recognition of national and, even, international contributions to medicine. The Kaiser Medal has been presented annually since 1939.

Interested in nominating someone for the Kaiser Medal? 

Please email your nominations to Laurie Militello at  Your nomination should include the name of the nominee, and personal qualities and key health care achievements that are distinctive to the nominee. The nominee does not need to have received a Distinguished Service Award to be eligible.

Distinguished Service Awards

The Academy will also award a total of 4 Distinguished Service Awards, each in a different category. You may submit nominations for the following:

1) An individual in any healthcare discipline

2) A healthcare team

3) An early career healthcare provider in any discipline

4) A leader in community service (may be an individual outside of healthcare).

Please email your nominations to Laurie Militello at  Your nomination should include the name of the nominee, and personal qualities and key health care achievements that are distinctive to the nominee.

Prize Awards

The Rochester Academy of Medicine is excited to announce the return of the prize awards. Those studying in the diverse fields of healthcare and those who have graduated within the past five years from their professional degree are welcome to submit papers for the 2018 Prize Awards. The prize awards are given for a scholarly writings including those that have been submitted or accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals. 

The awards and the $500 stipend will be presented during the Academy’s Annual Meeting. Prize recipients are expected to submit a short summary of their papers for the Annual Meeting. 

Rules for Submission

Each submission must be submitted electronically to as a pdf. The only identifying information on the paper should be the title and the award for which you are applying for. Only one prize will be awarded in each category. Contestants are welcome to submit papers in more than one category. The names of the authors, addresses, telephone numbers and email address should be included in a separate document attached to the same email. All prize awards will be confirmed before the identifying information is shared with the committee members. 

Additional information regarding prize awards can be obtained from the Rochester Academy of Medicine by emailing Laurie Militello, Interim Executive Director at


Interprofessional Recognition Prize

The authors for this paper must be interprofessional which is defined by when two or more disciplines, learn together, work together and provide care together.  The paper could clinically or research focused and demonstrate the benefits of interprofessional collaboration. (Sponsored through a generous anonymous donation)

Kluge Trauma & Emergency Medical Services Prize

Available to all health care professionals (for examples, Emergency Medicine physicians, EMT's paramedics, nurses) and health care students.  $500 for the best paper pertaining to trauma and emergency medical services.  In recognition of Dr. Kluge's interest in education and in this specific topic both regionally and nationally, the papers should include research or reviews about care of or planning for Trauma and Emergency Medical Services.  (Sponsored through a generous donation by Dr. and Mrs. David Kluge)

Geriatrics Award in Honor of Carter and T. Franklin Williams

Available to health care professional in training, for example, those studying for carriers in medicine, nursing, physical therapy, and social work.  $500 for the best paper on geriatric health care.  In recognition of the important role Carter and Frank William have played in our community and nationally in caring for the elderly, this paper should address a topic in geriatrics that combines both medical and social issues.  The paper may deal with research findings or may be a scholarly review of an important topic in geriatric medicine.  (Sponsored through a generous donation by Drs. Timothy & Beverly Kaiser)

Current Healthcare Crisis Prize

This award this given for the best paper pertaining to community/public health and/or preventive medicine. Recognizing Dr. Berg’s contribution to our community’s health, papers that deal with projects that have improved the health of our community are encouraged. (Sponsored through a generous anonymous donation)

Sidney Hillman Health Center Award in Honor of Dr. Robert Burton

Available to physicians, physician assistants, nurses, medical students and social workers.  $500 for the best paper pertaining to workplace-related health care issues.  Dr. Burton's vision of labor, management, and the medical community resulted in a new approach to medical care.  This submission should describe projects or reviews that deal with occupational medicine, innovative approaches to providing employee health care, or other workplace-related health issues. (Sponsored through a generous donation by Dr. Roger Boulay)

2017 Award Winners

Rick Constantino, MD

Dr. Lemuel Rogers Scholarship Award
Amanda A. Onalaja, MD Candidate 

Distinguished Service Awards
Madeline H. Schmitt PhD, RN, FAAN, FNAP
Unity Physician Assistant Surgery Team 
Jeffrey R. Andolina MD, MS
Allison O'Malley

Submission Deadline for Papers & Nominations

April 1, 2018 at 9:00AM

The Rochester Academy of Medicine, founded in 1900, presented its annual honors in May  to a diverse group of recipients.  The award ceremony is held at the Academy’s historic home at 1441 East Avenue, beginning at 6 p.m.  in May of each year. The award recipients represent our community’s outstanding advocates and healthcare professionals.

“This is an evening to salute a broad range of accomplishment in medicine and health care,” said past Academy Board Chair Jeff Dmochowski, M.D. “The event honors decades of outstanding service to the medical profession and our community.

The Distinguished Service Award is given to an individual in each category in recognition of outstanding service to the healthcare professions or the community.

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