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Clinician Interviews 

Burtis B. Breese, M.D. 10/84

George Corner, M.D. 10/78

George L. Engel, M.D. 1/83

Charles B.F. Gibbs, M.D. 2/78

Nolan L. Kaltreider, M.D. 5/79

Robert McCormack, M.D. 2/86

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The entire collection of interviews is available in the Rochester Medical Museum and Archives.  To access these materials, please contact Kathleen Britton at or 585-922-1865.


James Bartlett, M.D. (1994) 1997

John H. Morton, M.D. (1998) 12/99

Morris J. Shapiro, M.D. (1997) 4/28/99

T. Franklin Williams, M.D. (1995) 4/97



Edith Olsen, RN, MSN 9/99


Norman Ashenburg, M.D. 5/98

Robert Berg, M.D. 2/98

Philip P. Bonanni, M.D. 3/00

Roger Boulay, M.D. 2/98

Burtis B. Breese, M.D. 10/84

Margaret Colgan, M.D. 6/97

George Corner, M.D. 10/78

Gordon D. Currie, M.D. 8/98

James DeWeese, M.D. 3/26/99

George L. Engel, M.D. 1/83

F. Joseph Flatley, M.D. 10/97

Gilbert Forbes, M.D. 7/92

John Frazer, M.D. 5/97

Charles B.F. Gibbs, M.D. 2/78

Dr. Gibson 2/98

Warren Glaser, M.D. 10/98

Robert Hoekelman, M.D. 4/98

Richard Hyde, M.D. 4/97

Robert H. Israel, M.D. 6/7/2000

Dr. Jones 2/98

Robert Joynt, M.D. 5/98

Nolan L. Kaltreider, M.D. 5/79

Marshall Lichtman, M.D. 7/97

Robert McCormack, M.D. 2/86

Rudolph Napadano, M.D. 5/98

Peter T. Perkins, M.D. 7/97

Robert H. Poe, M.D. 6/7/2000

John Romano, M.D. 4/78

Albert C. Snell, Jr., M.D. 1/93

Roland E. Stevens, M.D. 5/93

James M. Stewart, M.D. 3/28/94

James Stormont, M.D. 5/98

W. George Swalbach, M.D. 2/81


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