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RAoM Consortiums support Interprofessional Leadership around specific topics. 

Albert David Kaiser Medal Recipients

2021   Sidney J. Sobel, MD 1994   James W. Bartlett, MD 1967   Charles B.F. Gibbs, MD
2020 Paul M. Levy, MD 1993 Robert J, Joynt, MD 1966 Lawrence A. Kohn, MD
2019 William M. Valenti, MD 1992 Seymour I. Schwartz, MD 1965 William l. Bradford, MD
2018 Timothy E. Quill, MD 1991 Ruth A. Lawrence, MD 1964 Samuel J. Stabins, MD
2017 Richard S. Constantino, MD 1990 Alvin L. Ureles, MD 1963 James Hervi Sterner, MD
2016 J. Richard Ciccone, MD 1989 Robert M. McCormack, MD 1962 Alfred M. Wedd, MD
2015 Lawrence N. Chessin, MD 1988 George L. Engel, MD 1961 Karl M. Wilson, MD
2014 John S. McIntyre, MD 1987 Louis A. Goldstein, MD 1960 Edward G. Whipple, MD
2013 Marilyn R. Brown, MD 1986 Lynn R. Callin, MD 1959 Harry L. Segal, MD
2012 Ronald Rabinowitz, MD 1985 J. Raymond Hinshaw, MD 1958 Jerome Glaser, MD
2011 Philip P. Bonanni, MD 1984 Ralph F. Jacox, MD 1957 Willian S. McCann, MD
2010 Bradford C. Berk, MD 1983 Priscilla L. Cummings, MD 1956 C. Stewart Nash, MD
2009 John J. Condemi, MD 1982 Albert C. Snell, MD 1955 William A. Sawyer, MD
2008 Arthur J. Moss, MD 1981 Paul N. Yu, MD 1954 John J. Morton, MD
2007 William L. Morgan, MD 1980 Frank A. Disney, MD 1953 Albert C. Snell, Sr. MD
2006 Warren Glaser, MD 1979 Gilbert B. Forbes, MD 1952 Samuel Wolcott Clausen, MD
2005 C. McCollister Everts, MD 1978 Lawrence E. Young. MD 1951 G. Kirby Collier, MD
2004 William J. Hall, MD 1977 Milton G. Bohrod, MD 1950 Paul W. Beaven, MD
2003 Elizabeth McAnarney, MD 1976 Jacob B. Goldstein, MD 1949 George H. Whipple
2002 Robert L. Berg. MD 1975 J. Lowell Orbison, MD 1948 John Aikman, MD
2001 Charles D. Sherman, MD 1974 Burtis B. Breese, MD 1947 Clarence B. Thomas, MD
2000 John D. States, MD 1973 John Romano, MD 1946 Stearns S. Bullen, MD
1999 Jules Cohen, MD 1972 Paul H. Garvey, MD 1945 Edward T. Wentworth, MD
1998 John H. Morton, MD 1971 Libby Pulsifer, MD 1944 James K. Quigley. MD
1997 Morris J. Shapiro, MD 1970 Earle B. Mahoney, MD 1943 Arthur M. Johnson, MD
1996 James M. Stewart, MD 1969 Nolan L. Kaltreider, MD 1942 No Award Made
1995   T. Franklin Williams, MD 1968   John L. Norris, MD 1941 David B. Jewett, MD
1940 John R. Williams, MD
1939   Albert David Kaiser, MD

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